How To Be More Effective On Pinterest

Being More Effective on PinterestWhether you are an individual or business – you can benefit from using Pinterest. When I first signed up for Pinterest I was kind of confused, but it was at a time where the site was fairly new. I always forgot to Pin sites I wanted to add to my relevant boards. But fast forward a year later, I can’t imagine NOT using Pinterest. It’s my online board of reference for all sorts of things – recipes, inspiring quotes, DIY projects and things I can do with my kids. Why would you want a presence on Pinterest? It’s simple – to get your content out to the masses. Many people use Pinterest – even my mom uses Pinterest! and adding your content here can be to your benefit.

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Content

You can pretty much create a Pinterest board for anything. At first I used Pinterest for inspiration, but now I’m using it to promote my own content on relevant boards I’ve created. Make sure you fill in the Description area with relevant keywords because that’s how you’ll get found! On your website, make sure you have a way for people to easily add your content onto their Pinterest board.

Collaborate on Content with Others

If you’re on a team at work or have a group of friends, using Pinterest is great for collaborating ideas. I personally used Pinterest to plan my baby shower with my mom and sister. We added pins to the board of ideas for decorating, food and games. It definitely was a great way to show each other ideas and easy to access since we all had Pinterest accounts.

Create Captivating Images for your Content

Having really great imagery for your content makes your content more “pinnable.” It also makes your content appealing for others on Pinterest to check the content out and re-pin it on their own board. When you create images, always include your website URL, which will brand that image to your website or blog.

Pinterest can be quite addicting once you get the hang of it. Why not maximize your time effectively? Let’s follow each other’s boards! You can never follow too many people – you never know what you will inspire you.

Are You Utilizing Yelp For Your Business?

yelp-for-businessOkay, so I fear the dentist, big time. I have had my share of SO many dental problems that I’ve become obsessed with taking care of my teeth. The worst thing I’ve experienced in my life are the dreaded root canals – and I’ve had them done a handful of times… and it is not fun at all. Thinking about it makes me want to cry not only because of the pain but my wallet cries too. Root canals are NOT cheap. For some reason, my back molar has been feeling sensitive lately and I have even turned to oil pulling, taking supplements and eating a more paleo-ish diet because believe it or not, dental health and what you eat go hand in hand. I did not know this and now I am on a mission to eat better because of this.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a new dentist to go to because the one I have been going to has been less than helpful. At my last cleaning she saw my x-rays and immediately told me I needed a root canal and there wasn’t anything I could do to lessen the sensitivity. When I called to make an appointment I was told she would call me back, and never did. Her office is far from where I live now and I am looking for a dentist with a more holistic approach. So of course, I turned to a Google search to find a new dentist.

I noticed the one I found had a Yelp business profile with some reviews. Based on the positive reviews this dentist got led me to call and make an appointment to get a second opinion. Either way, I just need to deal with this and hope that going forward I won’t have any more dental issues.

This whole experience made me realize something though – when you’re a business it is vital to have a way for people to vouch for your services. This is especially true when you’re in the medical field, but it also applies to all businesses as well. Good reviews lead to more business and optimizing your presence to highlight that is essential.

Here are some useful tips for using Yelp for your business

yelp-buttonMake sure you have a Yelp profile. Yelp is free to join and create a profile. You may find your business is already on Yelp. Make sure to claim it if it already exists.

Make sure your profile is up to date. There’s nothing like a profile that looks abandoned, or has wrong information. Yelp is a highly ranked website so you have to make sure the info on your profile matches your website’s. Gotta keep it consistent!

Encourage Yelp reviews. If you’re a business, make it known to your customers that you’re on Yelp. Put up a small sign on the door or at an area where people will definitely see it. Some businesses like Corner Bakery Cafe encourage users to check into their restaurant in exchange for a small free gift. On the Yelp iPhone app for checking into Corner Bakery Cafe (a place I love to eat at) you can get a free cookie. I’m surprised I haven’t used this yet! Their Monster Cookie is the bomb! It’s a fun way to say thanks to Yelp users!


Comment on Yelp reviews left on your business page. Address any reviews that had a negative experience. This shows you are listening and willing to make their experience better.

Yelp is one of those social media sites where you can really have fun – especially if you LOVE going out to eat. I find it a great resource for finding new places to check out, so if you are a business you not only have to have your own website but a Yelp presence as well!

4 Smart and Effective Ways to Use Twitter

Smart and Effective Ways to Use TwitterMany of us use Twitter, and use it for many different purposes. For most professionals and companies, Twitter is a way to get your expertise and word out about what you do. Many times I see companies who aren’t sure how to use Twitter effectively, which can put them at a disadvantage, especially if they are trying to increase brand awareness.

Here are 4 effective ways that you can use Twitter to bring brand awareness, whether you’re an individual or a business.

1. Sharing your expertise

Twitter is a great place to share your expertise. Even if you don’t have a website (yet) you can reach people through Twitter updates. The best way to show up and be seen is by using hashtags. So if you’re a paleo blogger or expert you definitely want to include the #paleo hashtag to your tweets because there is a chance you will get noticed this way. By sharing your expertise, you bring awareness to your brand and can become the go to place for all things [whatever your subject of expertise] is.

2. Sharing other people’s content similar to your subject of expertise or interests

Screen-Shot-2014-06-17-at-10.04.53-AM-300x280Why would you want to share other people’s content on your own Twitter feed? You have to give to get! Sharing other people’s content is a great way to share similar content to yours to your followers. Also, when you share others’ content you should give them credit by mentioning their Twitter username. That way they can notice you and possibly follow back too! It’s always good to have more followers, especially if they are influential to you.

3. Interacting with other people’s Twitter posts

Twitter isn’t fun unless you are engaging in conversations. When you interact with other people’s Twitter posts, you engage conversation. A great way to interact via Twitter is through Twitter chats. There are many Twitter chats to participate in and you definitely gain insight on the topic you are participating in, and even meet some other likeminded people in the process. I’ve participated in Twitter chats in the past and found some great people to follow, as well as others following me back. I even won a book in one of the Twitter chats I participated in. Using Tweetchat is an easy way to follow a Twitter chat.

4. Creating lists

Screen-Shot-2014-06-17-at-1.17.06-PM-300x187Creating lists make you more effective on Twitter because you can segment these lists. You can have a Twitter list called “Online Marketing Blogs” and check this list for new blog posts to check out. You can have a list of all the influential people you are following. Or you can have a list of a group of people that are part of a networking group. By creating lists you make sure you are seeing updates of that specific type of content or group of people, that you may have missed otherwise since Twitter moves so quickly, you may miss an important update.

So now you can be more effective on Twitter! What will you do different today?