3 Tools For Managing Your Social Media Presence


When it comes to managing your social media, there are so many ways to go about it. You can go to each social media platform and post within there, but in the grand scheme of it all, it really is an inefficient way of doing this. But, let’s take a step back first and think about why we are trying to use social media in the first place.

Got Goals?

First, you should always have a main goal. Are you trying to get more clients, sell a product or get customers to your store? Many businesses use content to show their expertise in order to get people interested in them. But when it comes to sharing on social media it’s not just your about sharing your content, but other people’s content that are related to your business or blog’s niche. A good social media presence shares the love by sharing other’s content.  This is also a good way to network and support each other.

Social Media Platforms & Your Audience

Second, figure out what social media platforms you will be using in order to promote that content to your audience, and make sure that platform is where your target audience is. You can check out my post about figuring out the best social media platforms to focus on so you can efficiently promote your business. It is so important to know where your target audience is hanging out on social media so you can get your content out to them, and have them interact with that content as well.

Curating Content

Once you figure out which social media platforms you will be using, the next step is to figure out the content you will be sharing on those platforms. You may find some days you have a lot of content you’d like to share, but you really have to be strategic when it comes to sharing your content. You want to post when your audience is likely to be there to see your content.

3 Great Social Media Tools for Scheduling and Curation

Here are some tools to help you manage your posts across different platforms, as well as where you can find content to share.

1. Buffer is my favorite tool for scheduling my content on social media. They really make it so easy for you to be able to post your content, as there are plugins you can integrate in Facebook, Twitter and on your browser. If you see a post you want to share, like on a blog, you can use the browser extension to easily schedule it or post to your social media account of choice. Buffer also analyzes the best times to post based on how many times you want to post. The tool is free to use, but gives you a bit of limitations. If you upgrade, you can link up more social media accounts and schedule more posts. It is $10 a month for the Awesome plan.


2. Postplanner is a very interesting content curation tool that I recently discovered. You can curate content that is proven to get you interaction and reach, which is something you want if you are trying to grow your online presence. It is very Facebook heavy, although you are able to link your Twitter account and Pinterest account. You can schedule content right into Postplanner, which makes life so much easier.  The lowest tier plan called LOVE is $11 a month.

Post Planner

3. Tailwind is a tool that is highly recommended by bloggers. It is an amazing tool that allows you to pin easily to Pinterest at a fast rate. There is a strategy behind using Tailwind which basically is that the more you pin your content to relevant boards on Pinterest, the more potential traffic you can get to your blog. Tailwind has a learning curve to it, but once you learn it, you will be hooked on how powerful it can be to get more traffic to your blog! It is currently $15/month to pin up to 400 pins a month, analytics and the impact of your pins to name a few features.


These tools provide free trials so you can try them out, but to get the full features you have to sign up and pay monthly (or yearly to save). They are not too expensive to use if you are serious about growing your social media presence, not to mention more traffic to your blog!  Which of these tools would you try out? If you are already using them, how is it helping you?


Note: The links above do contain affiliate links. This means if you click through and sign up through my link, I will get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support!

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18 thoughts on “3 Tools For Managing Your Social Media Presence

  1. I’m still a novice in the blogging world so all the tools you mentioned are all need to me. I’ve heard the name Buffer before though. Trying to figure out how to increase traffic and increase my social media presence starting with Instagram. Thanks for the tips!

    1. You’re welcome Ann! Using Pinterest to increase your social media presence is definitely a great way to get more readers to your blog. Since you have a travel blog you can post your awesome photos and use relevant hashtags! BTW your blog is great, and I see you’re originally from Florida!

  2. This is a great post and something I really needed and I am struggling to manual keep up with everything that I am using. Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely be looking at them.

    1. Thanks Mel! It is hard to keep up with posting to multiple social media platforms, that’s why these tools are so helpful! Let me know if you need any help!

    1. You’re welcome Nicole! Yes, the free version of Buffer is a bit limiting, but it is good if you’re on a budget! Good luck!

  3. Yes! Love me some Buffer! I’ve actually never heard of tailwind though, probably because previously Pinterest wasn’t mY thing. But for my new blog, I believe Pinterest will be the most important platform for me. Definitely checking that out! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment Mickey! Yes, Buffer is awesome. Tailwind is really neat, but it definitely takes some time to learn, but it is worth pinning your content to Pinterest!

  4. I’m new to the blogging world and scheduling to social media takes up so much of my time. I’m definitely going to check these tools out. Thanks for the tips!

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