How To Use Pinterest Group Boards To Grow Your Blog

Pinterest boards can give your content that extra boost, and more exposure to being seen by more people! Get a free list of group boards you can join too! / pinterest group boards / grow your blog / join group boards on pinterest

Pinterest is really the best way to get your blog content out into the blog universe. Many users turn to Pinterest to search for specific things – whether it is a DIY project, how to grow their Instagram account, how to blog or even find a new recipe to try. Google search kind of takes a back seat when it comes to searching to Pinterest power users!

You can create your own boards and pin content to them, but to even get more promotion to your blog posts, joining group Pinterest boards can give your content that extra boost, and more exposure to being seen by more people! Read more

7 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest

7 Ways To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic To Your Blog
When it comes to getting started on Pinterest, you really want to start off on the right foot. If you are a blogger who is serious about creating a business, Pinterest is a great resource for getting more traffic. A lot of people, myself included turn to Pinterest in order to find content. Recipes, DIY, home decor ideas, hair styles are just a few topics people search for. It is a lot appealing to search on Pinterest because it is so visual. It does take some time and learning to get traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Read more

How To Be More Effective On Pinterest

Being More Effective on PinterestWhether you are an individual or business – you can benefit from using Pinterest. When I first signed up for Pinterest I was kind of confused, but it was at a time where the site was fairly new. I always forgot to Pin sites I wanted to add to my relevant boards. But fast forward a year later, I can’t imagine NOT using Pinterest. It’s my online board of reference for all sorts of things – recipes, inspiring quotes, DIY projects and things I can do with my kids. Why would you want a presence on Pinterest? It’s simple – to get your content out to the masses. Many people use Pinterest – even my mom uses Pinterest! and adding your content here can be to your benefit.

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Content

You can pretty much create a Pinterest board for anything. At first I used Pinterest for inspiration, but now I’m using it to promote my own content on relevant boards I’ve created. Make sure you fill in the Description area with relevant keywords because that’s how you’ll get found! On your website, make sure you have a way for people to easily add your content onto their Pinterest board.

Collaborate on Content with Others

If you’re on a team at work or have a group of friends, using Pinterest is great for collaborating ideas. I personally used Pinterest to plan my baby shower with my mom and sister. We added pins to the board of ideas for decorating, food and games. It definitely was a great way to show each other ideas and easy to access since we all had Pinterest accounts.

Create Captivating Images for your Content

Having really great imagery for your content makes your content more “pinnable.” It also makes your content appealing for others on Pinterest to check the content out and re-pin it on their own board. When you create images, always include your website URL, which will brand that image to your website or blog.

Pinterest can be quite addicting once you get the hang of it. Why not maximize your time effectively? Let’s follow each other’s boards! You can never follow too many people – you never know what you will inspire you.