4 Smart and Effective Ways to Use Twitter

Smart and Effective Ways to Use TwitterMany of us use Twitter, and use it for many different purposes. For most professionals and companies, Twitter is a way to get your expertise and word out about what you do. Many times I see companies who aren’t sure how to use Twitter effectively, which can put them at a disadvantage, especially if they are trying to increase brand awareness.

Here are 4 effective ways that you can use Twitter to bring brand awareness, whether you’re an individual or a business.

1. Sharing your expertise

Twitter is a great place to share your expertise. Even if you don’t have a website (yet) you can reach people through Twitter updates. The best way to show up and be seen is by using hashtags. So if you’re a paleo blogger or expert you definitely want to include the #paleo hashtag to your tweets because there is a chance you will get noticed this way. By sharing your expertise, you bring awareness to your brand and can become the go to place for all things [whatever your subject of expertise] is.

2. Sharing other people’s content similar to your subject of expertise or interests

Screen-Shot-2014-06-17-at-10.04.53-AM-300x280Why would you want to share other people’s content on your own Twitter feed? You have to give to get! Sharing other people’s content is a great way to share similar content to yours to your followers. Also, when you share others’ content you should give them credit by mentioning their Twitter username. That way they can notice you and possibly follow back too! It’s always good to have more followers, especially if they are influential to you.

3. Interacting with other people’s Twitter posts

Twitter isn’t fun unless you are engaging in conversations. When you interact with other people’s Twitter posts, you engage conversation. A great way to interact via Twitter is through Twitter chats. There are many Twitter chats to participate in and you definitely gain insight on the topic you are participating in, and even meet some other likeminded people in the process. I’ve participated in Twitter chats in the past and found some great people to follow, as well as others following me back. I even won a book in one of the Twitter chats I participated in. Using Tweetchat is an easy way to follow a Twitter chat.

4. Creating lists

Screen-Shot-2014-06-17-at-1.17.06-PM-300x187Creating lists make you more effective on Twitter because you can segment these lists. You can have a Twitter list called “Online Marketing Blogs” and check this list for new blog posts to check out. You can have a list of all the influential people you are following. Or you can have a list of a group of people that are part of a networking group. By creating lists you make sure you are seeing updates of that specific type of content or group of people, that you may have missed otherwise since Twitter moves so quickly, you may miss an important update.

So now you can be more effective on Twitter! What will you do different today?

Want More Twitter Followers? The Why and How To Do So.

TwitterIf you are a brand or individual who is looking to increase their Twitter follower count, the first thing you must really do is ask yourself why? Why do you want more followers? Are you a brand that is trying to spread the word about your business? That’s a valid enough reason to want to increase your Twitter follower count. Are you an individual who works in a specific industry and want to connect with more likeminded people? That’s a valid enough reason to want more followers too.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality is more important than quantity in the social media world. Twitter is an interactive community, which means you have to give to get. No one really cares if you have a ton of followers. Sure, it may look good to see your follower count high and all, but if no one is interacting with you, it really makes no difference because your message will most likely not get shared with others.

How to get more Twitter followers

The best way to get more Twitter followers is to follow other people who you can relate to. If you’re a food blogger, follow some other food bloggers. Interact with their tweets, whether it be by marking them as a Favorite or respond to their tweet. When you get a tweet back from someone it starts a conversation and can eventually lead to them following you back.

Some other ways to increase your Twitter follower count:

Make sure you have a photo of yourself – no one really follows those with the default egg photo!

Fill out your bio – Add hashtags to common keywords that describe you so you’ll be found when others search for those hashtags. Make your bio interesting too!

Share and create content – tweet out links to content that you enjoyed reading or have created that you believe your followers would like too. They could end up sharing it with their followers resulting in giving you credit – which may lead to a new follower for you. Tweet out content that you enjoyed reading by those who don’t follow you yet – they may respond back and even follow you back.

Keep your Twitter feed up to date – Don’t stop tweeting. That doesn’t mean you’re constantly on Twitter, but make sure you’re tweeting at least a few times a day. If you’re not able to tweet, schedule out some tweets using Hootsuite or Buffer. I personally like Buffer because you can add tweets to schedule in advance and Buffer will automatically put a time to send it out for you.

Try doing these things and see if you gain some new followers! Just remember your goal for wanting more Twitter followers and keep interacting. It can be a lot of work to tweet, but it’s worth it in the end.