The Importance of Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles


Having an optimized presence on social media is so important as a business owner. The worst thing a potential customer can do is find your business on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and see you haven’t posted in a long time. This tells them that the business has a poor presence online, which for most users that are savvy internet users can make or break their decision to use that business for their services. That is why having an optimized social media presence is so important!

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your social media profiles.

Know Your Target Audience

It all comes down to who you are targeting your services to and knowing where they go to get their information. If you know that your target audience is a 25 year old, they are likely social media savvy. They are likely to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Yelp (if you’re a brick and mortar business) to get more information on your business. You want to make sure that you update often, and are responsive to questions they ask on your social media profiles.

Make Yourself Super Easy To Contact

Majority of people who have and use a smartphone will typically have access to their email and use social media apps. The idea of being able to send a quick question via email or through Facebook is appealing because they can get answers right away through their phone. The best platforms to answer customers (or potential customers) are Twitter and Facebook. More and more businesses are even using Facebook messenger to communicate with people about their businesses.

Keeping Your Profiles Up To Date

As a business, having an active social media presence matters a lot to your audience. It is a way to constantly keep your business top of mind. You can do this by posting updates about your business, create interesting and useful blog posts, and questions to keep your audience engaged in conversation. Having a content schedule for your social media profiles is a great way to make sure you are keeping your accounts top of mind and up to date for your customers/potential customers.

Making sure your social media presence is optimized will not only show you are active on social media, but you are willing to be helpful to your audience in a timely manner.

How is your social media presence? Do you believe that it needs more love and attention? Or do you think you have a good handle on it?

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