Why You Should Create Memes For Your Brand

Memes are everywhere, and you can’t scroll down on Facebook without seeing one, or you’ve even clicked Like or shared it with someone who could use a laugh or can relate.

I know I have!

Have you ever thought about creating your own Memes?

If you haven’t, you might want to consider it. Why?

Because memes have the chance to go viral, and if anything, shared over and over. It’s a good way to get your brand or business out there since the meme would be attached to your social media platform – whether it is your Facebook page, Instagram post or Twitter post.

But how do you make your own memes, and how can you guarantee that they’ll be shared?

Memes are just another form of content in the form of a video or photo but a shorter form. This type of content is short and has to be relatable to your audience in order to get engagement.

So if you’re a mom blogger or have a brand where the target audience is moms, you would want to create memes that moms can relate to.

For example:

This is the meme I created for my blog, The Mama Resource. The caption is simple, and the video is cute, so I decided to give it a try and create it as a meme to share on my Facebook page, as well as an Instagram post. Moms definitely can relate to their toddler being a bit noisy when going out to eat!

As far as guaranteed shares, it really depends on so many parameters. A great way to get your meme out there is to share it on your own social media accounts and with your friends. When sharing on your own social media accounts, you want to make sure that you’re applying the right hashtags (if you’re sharing on Instagram and Twitter) and for Facebook, you might want to consider boosting the post so you can have even more people see it that are in your target audience that don’t already like your FB page.

A great tool to create memes is through this app called Meme + Generator Memes Creator.

It’s pretty simple to use and you can add your own watermark to make sure it is tagged as your own meme. That’s what I used to create the meme above.

Will you be creating your own memes?

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